Castleton Park is for Every Business.

Castleton Park is a master-planned business community encompassing 120 acres and 1.1 million square feet of high-quality, institutional-grade real estate. Located on the northeast side of Indianapolis between Interstates I-465 and I-69 and centered on the 20-acre Castle Lake, Castleton Park offers the ultimate in Value, Amenities and Location.

Castleton Park is the third largest office park in suburban Indianapolis and provides a unique and advantageous setting for tenants. Featuring Class “A” office, multi-story office and office-flex in a variety of configurations, Castleton Park is not only for every business, but it is also for your business.

More than 100 tenants reside in Castleton Park, representing some of the largest, most successful businesses in Indianapolis. Insurance, government services, legal, accounting, engineering, financial services, R&D, technology and education companies all call Castleton Park their home. Stable, institutional ownership and property management ensure a constant flow of capital and real estate expertise to maintain Castleton Park as a premier business park.

Castleton Park Boasts:

  • A variety of building types and configurations at competitive rental rates
  • 5,500 free parking spaces
  • Best-in-class on-site maintenance and management staff with over 75 years of service
  • Superior access and high visibility
  • Immediate access to more than 50 restaurants, the widest selection in Indianapolis
  • A pleasant, beautifully-maintained environment with award-winning landscape architecture
  • On-site conference and daycare centers
  • Energy efficiency, with a number of Energy Star-rated buildings
  • Tremendous in-Park growth opportunities for companies of all types with more than 1.1 million square feet

These positive attributes equate to significant added value for any tenant. No other business park in Indianapolis offers a bigger return on your investment.

A Master-Planned Community